Prevention of Bed Bug Infestation in New York

If you have an infestation, it’s best to call a bed bug exterminator in NY, but if you haven’t been bitten yet, then you’ll want to take every measure you can to prevent the little devils from sneaking into your home and drinking your blood every night while you sleep.

The city of New York has taken its bed bug epidemic very seriously. Mayor Bloomberg even designated a task force to deal with the crisis and bring about the demise of the insects. That anti-bug team has provided a website to help citizens and visitors prevent an invasion of bugs, as well as excellent information on ridding oneself of the pests, should they have moved into your home already. Getting rid of them is extremely expensive, hovering in the neighborhood of $6000-$12000, so prevention is key.

There are excellent tips on the city’s bed bug website:, including recognizing bites and bugs in various stages of growth, and helpful hints to know where to look for them and how to keep them out of your home. It’s important to check all furniture coming into your home for bugs, seal up cracks in floors and walls, tighten plastic panel covers over electrical, cable, phone and light switch holes, and check your clothes and luggage when you are returning home, to be sure you didn’t bring hitchhiking bed bugs with you. If you think you might have some along for the ride, washing your clothes in extremely hot water and drying them on the highest heat possible will kill the insects.

One of the more uncommon but effective measures you can take is to pour diatomaceous earth dust around places where bug will sneak in, like electrical outlets, pipes, areas with electrical wires and holes or cracks in walls and floors. The dust cuts their bellies open when they crawl over it, and they die shortly thereafter. You could spray Bedlam once a week around your home, though it’s not industrial strength spray, it will still kill eggs, and that’s a big help. Fill the holes, cracks and crevices in your home with caulk to seal entryways that bugs may try to slip through.

Some people use glue floor mouse traps, sticky traps for cockroaches or you could try bed bug traps, which are similar to the glue traps for mice. If placed around the base of your bed, it should help catch them before they crawl up your bedpost.

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Exotic home creates the waves of energy

A new attire of home gives one lots of happiness. An old-fashioned home can be very frustrating. So, to avoid such situation one may go for a home improvement project. A new refreshing atmosphere of one’s home can play the music of love and harmony.

Distinct ways

One can do many things for home improvement. One can start with his or her bedroom. Bedroom should be very comfortable and refreshing. One should keep on changing the bed covers and pillow covers for a refreshing atmosphere. Fresh flowers can be kept also for a beautiful charming attire. One may use soothing and sober lamp shades to have a comfortable sleep.

Refreshing attire

Home improvement enlightens one’s mood. A crucial part of the life is spent in kitchen. Kitchen must be very energetic. One can build cabinets for a convenient set up. One can also make use of nice beautiful jars and pots to make kitchen time interesting. One can use ceramic tiles in kitchen and bathroom for an exotic view. If someone’s budget is very high then he can hire a professional interior designer for this task. A professional can add the charm of excellence. They are very co-operative. They give a sparkling look to one’s house.

Experience a splendid atmosphere

Home saves one from all natural phenomenon like storm, rain and so on. It’s everyone’s loyal duty to maintain his or her home. Undertaking a home improvement project is the right way to pamper one’s home. So, one should not waste time and he or she should start updating the set up of his or her house. A well decorated house will bring the symphony of happiness.

Many ways

One can do many things to complete a home improvement project successfully. One can replace the furniture to bring a dramatic change. Furniture plays an important role in decorating the house wonderfully. So, a little change in their set up can give a total new outlook to one’s home. One can also change the curtains as curtains are the important characters in theatre of one’s home. A new set of curtains renews the atmosphere of one’s home. One can make the front entrance very attractive to mesmerize the visitors with the aid of Chinese bells. Those who don’t want to spend lots of money can change the cushion covers, bed covers to create a new environment of happiness. One can replace the monotonous light bulbs with elegant light bulbs. A royal lamp shade can make one’s home a palace. One can make his or her home paradise with the charming fragrance of fresh flowers. Beautiful vases and statues can take one to the fairy worlds of Greece and Rome. An artistic painting voices one’s sense of art. A great way to imbibe the charm of newness is to change the colour of the walls. One can use paint spray to give his or her walls a unique look. Exotic show pieces can take one to the world of joy. One can make changes in his or her kitchen also. One can build space-making cabinets in kitchen to enjoy a nice kitchen time. A chitchatting coffee table can boost up the bond of love between family members.

Special charm

One can also hire a professional interior designer to complete the home improvement project. They can add a flavour of excellence to one’s home. Renewal of home is an interesting and enjoyable task. One can make his or her world of love in his or her home. So, one has to maintain his or her home to create a secured place. So, to avoid the life of a vagabond one should keep on updating the set up of his or her home.

Renewal of home brings lots of joy

If someone wants to give new attire to his or her house then a home improvement project is the best option for him or her. Renewal of one’s home renews his or her life style. A drastic change at someone’s home can bring a drastic change to his or her life. So, one should bring positive changes to his or her home for an optimistic environment.

New arrangement of furniture

One can do lots of things to achieve success in a home improvement project. One can change the arrangement of the furniture. That is the simplest way. A slight change in the set up of the furniture can change the whole outlook of someone’s home. In this way one doesn’t get bored with the same monotonous attire.


Home improvement brings lots of surprise. One can easily change the location of the bed, dressing table, sofa, dining table to bring a drastic change. If someone believes in Vastu then he or she can arrange the set up of furniture according to Vastu. Changing the set up is a task full of fun. One can involve his or her family members in this merry task. So, one should pamper his or her house for a wonderful attire.

New colours bring harmony

People become bored with the same monotonous set up of their home. Home is the place where they find the ultimate peace. The atmosphere of the home contributes a lot in refreshing individual’s mind. A beautifully decorated house makes people feel rejuvenated. If they keep on updating the set ups of their houses they will get oxygen to work more. SO, home is an important aspect for everyone. There are various methods and ways available for home improvement.

Enchanting attire

The colour of the walls of someone’s home creates a great impact on his or her mind. The dull boring colours make the atmosphere of the home so boring. But elegant energetic colours spread positive wives. Fluorescent colours are in trends today. If someone doesn’t change the colour of the walls of his or her houses for a long time, it will create a negative impact on his or her psychology. So, one can keep on updating the colours of the walls to stay psychologically active. This is the best way of home improvement.


This task can be accomplished by following some steps. One can do this by himself or herself. One can also appoint an agency for this job. Initially one has to decide the colours. Then he or she can buy the cans of paints. One can save money by mixing average quality paints and high quality paints. One can also go for paint spray and it is a better option. One can consult professionals for any kind of assistance. If someone hires an agency then the agency will take the whole responsibility. But the best reliable agency must be chosen for home improvement. Those agencies will figure out the estimated budget initially. One should not waste time. One should go for an improvement project for a better environment.

A healthy atmosphere imbibes happiness

Food, shelter, clothing are the basic needs of every human being. Home gives shelter to everyone. So, it’s everyone’s duty to take care of their houses. A neat and clean and beautifully decorated home gives mental peace. One can undertake a home improvement project to maintain the hygiene of his or her house. A clean hygienic home ensures healthiness.

Neat and clean home

To keep one’s home clean is an important part of home improvement project. As cleanliness is next to godliness one should keep his or her house clean to feel heavenly. Dusts spread viruses of various diseases. One can do it by himself or herself. One can also hire a cleaning agency for this job. In today’s busy life people hardly get time to maintain their houses. It’s better to give such responsibilities to these agencies.

Ways to keep home heavenly

Those who want to take care of their homes by their own should follow some steps to make their home improvement project very easy. Initially they should fix a particular date. Then they should choose one room to tackle first. All the equipments, chemicals for cleaning should be bought. They can take assistance of a maid servant. They may consult a professional before buying all the equipments. They should be careful about the safety matter. They must buy secured user-friendly equipments. In this way, they can save money.

Those who don’t have enough time they can hire a professional cleaning agency for this task. They should choose the best reliable agency. There are various agencies available in the market. An ideal agency first listens to the needs of the customer. Then according to the nature of the project they figure out an estimated budget. They provide 100% guaranteed service. They bring all the equipments with them. So, one should not think about all the cleaning equipments. One can ask them about the chemicals they use for the reason of safety. They use modern secured advanced equipments. They have been providing service for more than 20 years. Such agencies comprise of skilled and experience technicians who are very much committed to their work. An ideal cleaning agency will give a sparkling look to one’s home. They won’t cause any harm. They are very much trustworthy. So, one should take necessary steps to maintain his or her house. Such agencies have their official websites. They respond to one’s query as early as possible. One must pamper his or her house.